About Me

“Art is life, happiness, joy, pleasure, charm, wildness, emotion, music for the eyes".

Marcel Aragonès

That’s what I’m searching for throught my paintings… Beauty, freedom and happiness.

My work is abstract as you can see. I use mixed media on different surfaces with the aim of having fun, relaxing and, if it’s possible, brightening the walls and life of people who likes and acquire my work. I firmly believe that painting can help people to be happy, and not only to the artist, but to all the people who contemplate it.

Like many things in life, my artistic work began when I was a child, beside my father. My time to paint, in silence or listening to music, has become a vital need but also so intimate and personal. What you see in this site is a resume of my latest works. Somebody said once that art is passion or horror but it never leaves you indifferent. And that’s what I like, to passionate you or horrorify you.

As Van Gogh said, I dream my paintings and then I paint my dreams.

Thank you for your visit. I will be happy to meet you, talk to you and know your opinion about my work and my passion.

I was born in 1968 in Mont-roig, in Catalunya, Spain, a village not far away from La Masia, where Joan Miró held his studio. I was lucky to meet Miró in person when I was a child.
Journalist and publicist by profession, artist by vocation and passion.
Already as a child, I began to show my passion for art, and I’ve never stopped brushing ever since. Throughout the years, I’ve developed various personal techniques and bold materials mix, especially my iconic acrylic and ink works on canvas and paper. Somebody said that most of my works are elegant, delightful, cheering, and always with a touch of good humour. They convey my philosophy of positive living.
I’ve always thought that “Art should nourish and brighten our spaces and lives. I do not want art to be something sad, dull or depressive. This is why my paintings mostly present energetic and passionate color-play as the central elements. I see my paintings as delightful melodies.”

Art critic

Here you are an Art Critic of my work, done by great Agustín I. Barrera García. Click on the image.

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